About Us


Woodlawn Theatre is San Antonio’s historic local live performance theatre, located in the heart of the Deco District! We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization devoted to creating opportunities for our surrounding community by providing quality, entertaining, educational, and affordable programming for all ages. Our mission is to assist in sustaining the tradition of theatre while contributing to the lives of local artists and to enrich the community by encouraging young adults to participate in the arts.


Within our organization lies the Woodlawn Academy for the Performing Arts; a year-round theatre education program that provides kids of all ages and skill level, the opportunity to learn about the performing arts, while building confidence and self-esteem, and ultimately the opportunity to shine on a stage. At Woodlawn Academy for the Performing Arts, we educate and train the stars of tomorrow, today. Learn more about Woodlawn APA.