Director: Tim Hedgepeth

Music Director: Darrin Newhardt

Choreographer: Michelle Pietri

A sweeping and inspirational journey through 20th century American popular music, Dreamgirls chronicles a group’s rise from obscurity to superstardom. Through gospel, R&B, smooth pop, disco and more, Dreamgirls explores themes of ambition, hope and betrayal, all set in the glamorous and competitive world of the entertainment industry.

Cast of Dreamgirls

Deena Jones - LaToya Chenelle Crawford 

Lorell Robinson - Janecia Stevenson 

Effie Melody White - Naomi Williams Johnson

Michelle Morris - Amanda Jeffries 

Curtis Taylor, Jr. - Bradley Freeman 

Marty - Edward Burkley 

James Thunder Early - Darcell Bios

CC White - Dwaylan Applewhite

Women’s Ensemble: Candance Battle, Danica McKinney, Jessica Winston, Doriana James, Lyric Smith, Jessica Willis, Andrea Hardeman, Regina Burpo, DeNajha LeJeune, Katrice Buchanan, Paige Kromer, Sarah Davis

Men’s Ensemble: Jacoby Johnson, Jeremiah Jordan, Myles Harris, John Bonner, Courtney Davis, Seth Basinger, Azarel Hardeman

Dreamgirls Promotional Dates

Student Night - August 24, 2019, $10 Child/Student Tickets w/code: STUDENT

Pride Night - September 6, 2019, 25% off all tickets w/code: PRIDE

ASL Night - September 14, 2019, 25% off all tickets w/code: ASL

Nonprofit Partner: The Renaissance Guild