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Woodlawn Box Social

In anticipation of our 2019 season opener, Oklahoma, Woodlawn Theatre will be hosting a Box Social Fundraiser. 

At 1:00 PM, enjoy a sneak peek performance from the show, immediately followed by a live auction.

Attendees can bid on basket lunches made by Woodlawn Staff, Woodlawn Board members, and Oklahoma Cast members. Bidding will start at $15 dollars and will move up in $5 increments. Winners will eat their lunch with whoever made that basket for a mini date to talk about the theatre, upcoming productions, and events. Attendees who don’t win will enjoy snacks and drinks in the theatre lobby after the auction (donations welcome).  Money raised will go toward new lighting equipment to better illuminate the talent that shines on the Woodlawn stage every season.

Hope to see you at the Woodlawn Box Social!

Questions? Call 210-267-8388.